Operations Specialist
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Quite a few. Not too handy typing on a mobile device. To be filled on a later date or explain over a future interaction.  

React Developer
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1. Employee social media website 2. Shopping APP development.  

I am a Ruby on Rails developer

I have 7+ years of experience in Ruby on Rails. I have completed more than 18 projects like web application development, backend REST APIs, scripts…

I am a JAVA Developer
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My primary programming language is Java and can contribute well to the projects that come under my consideration. I have worked on projects related to…

I am a Full-Stack Developer
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In my professional career, I have worked on plenty of personal and employer projects. Some of the examples are Test application, E-commerce Toy hauler application,…

I am a full stack developer
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Tino IQ This is us trading app, I have created whole frontend of this application, I got this job from upwork. https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.ionicframework.tino163709 Corona Tracker Created…

Role: Visual Studio & ASP Classic Full Stack Developer Skills required: Experience in the following tools: 1. Visual Studio 2. ASP Classic 3. Oracle 4. SQLSERVER 5. VB.net 6. WebFocus…

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Why should i disclose. Anyway, who you are?

Magento Developer
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Highly qualified and skilled, multi-talented and result driven professional web developer with more than 5 years of magento ecommerce experience I have excellent technical, functional…